Buddha on Canvas - A Unique Wall Artwork

Buddha on Canvas - A Unique Wall Artwork

Buddha on Canvas is an original and uniquely visualized interpretation of the teachings of Buddha as told by Buddha himself in the Buddha Gita. Mastering the skill to draw from traditional Buddhist texts, the Buddha on canvas inspires spiritual realization within the artist and provides an exceptional medium to bring those messages to life. This unique form of artworks is produced by an artist with an extensive love for Buddha images, meditation, and nature.

 Buddha on canvas comes in a variety of sizes and formats: a standard-size, stretched canvas, a tri-fold, a premium art poster, a full-color, gatefold art print, and a limited edition art print. Each piece is created by master artist Kumararioti Ma in her studio in the rural village of Bekal, India. Mastering the skill to draw from the original Buddha Gita, Kumararioti creates meditating Buddha wall art that are set in a variety of sizes ranging from a single-page layouts to wall murals and large-scale paintings. All pieces are meticulously designed by hand using traditional techniques to ensure the Buddha images have an authentic and spiritual feel.

Accompanied by traditional Indian woodcarvings and hand-painted decorative elements, each Buddha on canvas also has its own unique story to tell. Accompanied by the original artwork of the Buddha himself, this unique form of wall decor allows an individual to meditate and focus his or her mind and spirit on the profound beauty that surrounds them. In addition to being a highly- functional meditation canvas art, Buddha on canvas also makes an excellent gift choice for individuals who value the original artwork of the Buddha, who may be searching for a new meditation art to add to their home collection. This timeless artwork, often used as wall decor, provides a simple way for people to meditate and focus their minds and souls.

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