Decorate Your Home With Circular Moss Art

Decorate Your Home With Circular Moss Art

One of the most stunning wall decors you can have in your home is a Decorative Moss Art. It is created using dried mosses and pressed plant roots and is usually framed by an elegantly round glass window to form an exotic boho-chic wall piece you can hang either in your (non-public) wall or on your (public) wall, creating a playful corner accent for any urban dwelling. These decors come in many shapes including circles, squares, triangles, ovals, and squares, with some even being able to be framed with wrought iron or wood. The sizes can vary as well, with some being able to fit in your living room or dining room easily, and others being too large to actually hang on any type of wall in your home. But whatever the size of your wall space, these beautiful works of art can give your wall great dimensions and flair.


For instance, if you have a large round area that you want to bring into focus as part of your contemporary Indian or Feng Shui design, a round moss art piece would add wonderful dimensions to this particular section of your wall. Likewise, if you have a small area where you want to make a playful accent, such as a child's bedroom or a foyer, a decal of a moss ballroom would bring that area to life. And if you have a large room that you want to bring to life but you don't have much room for a large piece of art decor, perhaps a large art piece on a round moss table centrepiece would work well.

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Decorative moss table centerpieces can also be used as wall art decor, for a more contemporary look. If you prefer to go with a more natural and minimalist look, a decal of a gnome is another great option. Or you could hang a gnome on your wall hanging with a larger round moss art piece, perhaps framed on a wrought iron rod. You could even use the gnome as your eye catching centerpiece, hanging from your modern art decor wall art piece on a large round stand. If you have a large wall space that you would like to fill, consider using a round wall hanging as your accent piece. The added dimension of these wall hangings will make your home feel taller and will add grace and charm to any room.

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