Glass Beads Necklaces

Glass Beads Necklaces

The unique zebra print glass beads necklace is made of glass beads and zebra seed charm, a simple yet stunning necklace that can be personalized with your names or monograms. This necklace is made of a mixture of beads that are handcrafted by a team of talented craftsmen. The finished products are stunning and elegant that you would love to gift to someone special. You can wrap it with a gift card and a personal note.


This necklace consists of hand-crafted glass beads in multiple colors, this necklace is made up of clear glass beads and hot-glazed Zebra stone charm, possibility to add or shorten the clasp on your choice, these items are usually handmade with love by a team of talented craftsmen, they are then sent to be professionally stored or to be carefully held. This handmade beaded necklace has a polished finish. The zebra stone is a natural semi precious gemstone found mostly in Central Africa. The color range is: blue, cream, fawn, red, and natural. The glass beads necklaces are available online and you can view a photograph of the finished product, if you would like to see how the necklace looks like then you can always check out the photographs.

There is no minimum purchase order for this one, so if you feel you can afford to buy one you go ahead.

The most beautiful handcrafted beaded necklace type is the handmade adjustable rhinestone necklace, this necklace type is very popular due to the fact that you can easily adjust the length to suit your neck size and outfit. The unique feature of this necklace type is the fact that it can be


easily adjusted by sliding the end pins through the holes created by the beads, so if you want to wear it overnight then you can do so. This type of necklaces is very elegant with its chunky beaded glass beads and polished semi precious stones, it is very popular amongst fashion- conscious women. This kind of necklace is usually handmade with a minimum order of 2 pieces. If you want to shop for an affordable and stylish adjustable glass beads necklace then you should shop online where there are many online stores that sell such items at a discounted price.

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