Moss Wall - An Environmentally Friendly Interior Design Solution

Moss Wall - An Environmentally Friendly Interior Design Solution

Moss walls are beautiful, unique, and contemporary decorative elements that will bring you the green outdoors. Their beauty is derived from the moss growing on the surface of the stone, which offers a texture similar to that found on green screens used in movies. This feature gives Moss Wall Art the appearance of real stone outdoor landscapes. Moss Art comes in many forms such as panels, trellises, arches, hanging vines, and sundials.


Moss wall art provides an outdoor living environment in your garden where you can relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of nature. Moss Walls is functional walls that provide privacy and shelter from both sun and rain while providing a lush environment for plants. The beauty of these natural walls comes from the unique way they grow and the plants they support. Moss grows on the exterior surfaces of rocks, but can also be cultivated on the underside of foliage leaves, stems, and branches. Moss is quite delicate and needs regular maintenance to be kept looking green and beautiful.


To care for a Moss indoor living wall, follow a few guidelines to ensure it looks fresh and vibrant. Moss grows best if it is contained within its own environment; therefore, it is ideal to use a separate "control room" for Moss Wall Art that is separate from your indoor garden. To create a controlled environment, start with a clean slate by removing any existing furniture, drapes, or other decorations.


Place new artwork, potted plants, and potted reindeer moss on the wall, allowing them to sit in the center of the ceiling. You can further enhance your Moss Wall decor by hanging reindeer moss pillows from the ceiling on each side of the wall. These pillows will help anchor your Moss Art to the wall while keeping it away from other elements of your interior design.

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