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Welcome to the Moss wall trend in 2022

Moss walls are all the rage right now and there is no reason why that trend would not continue.

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They are a great alternative to a live plant wall when space, light, and the other necessary components needed for optimum results—water, electricity, drainage, additional lighting, professional maintenance—are not readily available.

Since you can install these greens on the wall, moss is a nice space-saving up-sell. The biophilic concept of bringing nature indoors and mimicking that good feeling of being on a trail hiking on uneven woodland terrace, all promote a heightened sense of focus and awareness. These feelings take us away from the daily worries and soothe our heads.



The sky is the limit when designing and introducing the moss concept to your client. It’s truly a piece of art with an organic and, sometimes, unusual twist!  You can use one type of moss and create undulations that look like the mountainous regions of a topography map. Or you might incorporate other varieties of moss as well as branches, lichen, mushroom fungi, ferns, and other small live plants, creating a temperate rainforest vibe. Tillandsias or “airplants” are a favorite addition and bring layers of texture to this natural look.




moss wall, preserved wall art, bespoke moss wall, moss wall art uk, moss art The fact is, most mosses have been treated and preserved well. Fumigated to eliminate insects and parasites, then color treated and preserved with a glycerin like solution to keep them supple.

Our mosses need absolutely no maintenance. Just only you need to keep the wall away from direct sunlight and those wall will be as new as forever.

I have quite a few wall installed in my own home and I would never touch them for any type of maintenance! 



moss wall art uk, bespoke moss art, living moss wall uk

Normal challenges are design and installation costs. The main thing to consider is what substrate to use when building the project, and whether the client will want a frame around the wall as well. If you are adding the moss wall during new construction, sometimes you can ask the existing millwork supplier to build a special frame. Depending on the size of the wall, this frame needs to be adequate to support the

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