Plan Your Hobbit House!

An absolutely astonishing house plan, designed by Nupur Dasgupta, an expert in Middle-Age fantasy and modern literature. The miniature hobbit house was inspired by the great hobbits' residence in Bag End, located in Tolkien's Middle Earth. In Tolkien's tales, hobbits live in a house called the Shire where they reside and cook their food in underground pipes called roggs. The water feature in the terrarium takes on the appearance of a large waterfall, flowing into the underground water of Bag End.

This house plan is a three-level model. One level is a walk-through tunnel which connects to a second level, the second level contains the artificial waterfalls. The third level is the floor of the miniature hobbit home. This terrarium is made of fiberglass and has a glass aquarium with driftwood and real rock salt for your tiny friends to enjoy. Since it has a glass bottom, there are no worries of it being tipped over by an over eager pet. There are also no safety issues with the water feature as it is safely above ground.

Hobbit House, Terrarium, Moss terrarium, Fairy garden, fairy garden, fairy garden house, terrarium
Hobbit House, Terrarium, Moss terrarium, Fairy garden, fairy garden, fairy garden house, terrarium

The idea of a house plan like this is very exciting for young and old alike. Children love the idea of their pet's living inside of their own houses, and adults love the opportunity to see a virtual replica of Middle-earth in a miniature size. What's more, if you or your child want to add other creatures to the terrarium, they can do that as well. You can get a wide variety of birds, dragonflies and even aquatic animals like fish! The possibilities are endless.

You can buy the kit or build your own. The choice is yours. In any case, this house plan is not very difficult to build. If you do not have experience building plans, you may want to enlist the help of someone who does. The house plan comes with everything you need to build the house including all of the hardware needed and the detailed instructions for each part.

 Your house plan will also come with a list of what kinds of plants and animals would best suite your home. If you wish you can change the plan to fit your needs. hobbit house terraforming is a great way to turn your home into a place of wizardly fun where your family can go on holiday

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