Autumn Terrarium Kit | Terrarium Kit

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Autumn - beautiful fall tree with a tire swing. Remember when we were little how we loved to jump into a pile of leaves and swing on the tire swing.

Travel back to childhood, to a time when wishes came true and goodness conquered evil. Because you're never too old for fairy tales.

Build your own fairy land with this beautiful little fairy garden kit. truly unique gift for your little one.
This beautiful fairy garden autumn terrarium kit is absolutely handmade. It's made with real dried moss. The kit comes with glass dome, wood base, real dried moss, tree with swing and fairy stones.
Easy to assemble, instruction card with picture included.

Domed Glass Cloche Top
[Large] Height 20.5cm, Diameter 15.5cm

Lead time: between 2-3 weeks
Shipments worldwide from UK with tracking number.

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