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Moss Wall, Moss Art, Black round mirror,


Bringing the outdoors inside. Shop Handmade. Discover a unique range of handmade and home accessories Our specialties: Terrarium, Fairy Gardens, Table lamps and Art works. If you’re looking to easily add a bit of green to your indoor space, terrariums are a great solution. The self-sufficient setup lends itself to all sorts of vessels, from old jars to geometric glassware. But for really small homes, you might not have the luxury to fill your tables and counter tops with extra curios. That’s where our terrarium lamps and moss arts come in handy. 

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Amazing handiwork and craftsmanship


"It arrived securely packaged, and when I opened the box, I was in awe with the amount of detail put into the design. This is going to be a gift, and I'm sure my boyfriend will love it. Thank you for answering all my questions and the pleasant transaction 🙂"




"What a beautiful, unique piece! So glad I purchased this; goes so well in our newly renovated bathroom. The quality is excellent. Couldn't be happier!"


Amazing wall art


Amazing wall art, our living room never looked better! 
the seller was in contact all the time, sent us pictures, gave us updates about the progress, delivery, etc. 
Definitely recommend them!


We love this piece


This is even more beautiful in person than viewed online. We love this piece! Framing is also great! The way it was packaged for shipping was very thoughtful and it came safely in one piece overseas. Thank you!!!

  • Decorative Moss Vanity Mirror, Moss Wall, Moss Wall Art, Moss art,

    One-of-a-kind Moss Mirror

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Hi There!

Welcome to Rishstudio. My name is Nupur and I am the Artist of Rishstudio. I love colors and textures, and I enjoy creating, exploring, dreaming and gardening.
When I was a little girl, I obsessed with Disney movies. I loved the idea of princess and her prince charming, Fairies, Fantasy, Magic, wicked witch, true love kiss and live happily ever after. I couldn’t wait to grow up and feel the magic of true love! Beside that I have a little obsession with crafting miniatures, arts and lamps, I love Fairy land.That's why you can find most of my artworks are fantasy based. I thought, why not combine lamps and terrariums or fairy land? It brings both fantasy and home decor together. That was the start of my experiment.

I have also expanded my creations to Home and celebration Decor, making new and exciting products still with that personal touch.
Discover a range of handmade and unique home accessories for your house and to give as unusual home gifts.
You can find us at ETSY as well. 

Visit our ETSY shop RISHSTUDIO.

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