Inspire Your Space with the Beauty of Nature

Natural Hand-Crafted Botanical Green Wall Art.

We love bringing the outdoors into the heart of an indoor space, and creating art from our ultimate source of inspiration: our love of nature. After working with living walls, our concern about their upkeep and longevity led us to develop a simplified solution for turning green walls into effortless indoor art.

Terrariums make a stunning, eco-friendly and unique centrepiece for the home or office space.

Whether you want to build your own or buy fully assembled and ready to go, the Urban Botanist is the place to be. We're the only retailer in the UK who can sell fully assembled terrariums and we've made our DIY kits readily available for those who prefer to get creative. Browse our range below.

Each of the lighting features a glass base that holds distinctly different arrangements. Because there's electricity involved, there's nothing here that requires watering. Rather, two of the designs feature trees sculpted out of clay and topped with dried moss. Surrounding the trees are the likes of faux flowers and a babbling “stream,” but look closely and you’ll also find elements out of a storybook—like the tiny Hobbit-sized doors.


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