Cherry Blossom Multi Panel Acrylic Paintings - A Beautiful Wall Artwork

Cherry Blossom Multi Panel Acrylic Paintings - A Beautiful Wall Artwork

The Cherry Blossom Multi panel Acrylic painting is created by the talented and versatile painter, Mrs. Nupur Dasgupta. Her years of experience as a commercial and residential painter has allowed her to create original artwork using various media. Her wonderful Cherry Blossom art is sold all over the world as well as being displayed in galleries and other prominent establishments such as the Smithsonian.

 The beauty of this particular product is that it can be used for almost any wall in the house. It provides a great way to decorate a living room without having to purchase another piece. The Cherry Blossom art comes in multi panels that are sold separately. Each panel is comprised of a combination of acrylic paints and sheen. Some of the colors are bright and pop while others have a more muted appearance. The panels have beautiful details that bring out the rich colors in the pink and white combination of the cherry blossom tree.

The Cherry Blossom Multi panel Acrylic painting comes with multiple colors of gems that can be mixed and matched to create the desired look. These gems are real and each panel is made of real wood. The gems can be painted directly onto the panels. When the panels are mounted on the wall they make a beautiful accent piece for the living room or even bedroom.

 The beauty of the artwork comes from the fact that it can be painted right onto a wall. This makes it very easy to complement the Cherry Blossom art into the room. The fact that it can also be purchased as a single panel makes it even easier to decorate a space because there is less pieces required. The painting is available in two different sizes. The standard size is twenty-three inches by 23 inches and the miniature size is only fifteen inches by seventeen inches.

 Purchasing this beautiful art will add a new touch to any room in your home. The added benefit of having this piece of art in your house will be well worth the price. If you decide to hang the art in a specific location in the house such as on the wall then it will create a stunning focal point for the room. The Cherry Blossom Multi Panel Acrylic Art will help to create a beautiful masterpiece that will be appreciated for many years to come.

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