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There is more than one way to bring nature and into your home or workplace so we’re going to break down the difference between moss wall and living walls and give you the skinny on each of these brilliant biophilic design options that provide calm and other wellness benefits including noise and air pollutant reduction (along with the mental benefits of attention restoration and focus).

Preserved Moss Walls, Moss Panels and Moss Art Pictures

Moss walls are suitable for almost all indoor environments, to create a high impact, low maintenance statement. They are also environmentally friendly and will improve the acoustic properties of your space. Preserved Moss and artificial succulents wall Art is made using a moss that has been grown, harvested & preserved using a combination of natural ingredients. It needs no light or water as it is no longer a living item but will not wilt or die. Preserved Moss can only be used for interior use and should be kept away from direct sunlight.

Full wall displays can be created using panels, then filling the welt with excess moss. Like the picture Here. That is created by joining multiple planes together. They will look seamless after hanging them.
The mosses used in our product lines reindeer moss, cushion / bun moss an forest moss are cleaned and preserved using a special process, cork bark, artificial succulents, artificial/preserved flower, butterflies, dry brunches.

Hanging hardware attached.

Do not require water
Do not need fertilizing
Do not need sun
Are long lasting
Are maintenance free

If there is something you’d like created, please feel free to share with us.
Custom size can be created. Price is determined by project size and quantity of moss.

Custom Designed Moss Walls & Art by Rishstudio


Here are some frequently ask Questions and Ans from our customers:


What is a Moss Wall?

A moss wall, interestingly, is also called a green wall which is where the confusion can begin between the two. We construct our green walls aka moss walls with real, but preserved moss that does not require any dirt, soil or substrate, and does not require any watering or misting of any kind.

We explain it like this: a moss wall is neither living nor dead, it is made of moss that is dormant, having been preserved using a natural paraffin or glycerin process. Moss walls retain their lush look with zero maintenance (except for the occasional dusting using compressed air just as you would use on a computer keyboard) for at least ten years and we’re testing a natural spray that will extend the life of a moss wall indefinitely.


How much does a moss wall cost?

Moss walls are a bit expensive because of its unique preservation process. Roughly a moss wall cost is $6,800, while the total cost of a living wall is around $47,500 for 100 sq. ft.

Are moss walls alive?
Living walls are alive. They require appropriate lighting, watering and pruning on a regular basis. Moss walls are preserved with natural glycerin and require little to no maintenance. ... There is no one-size-fits-all approach to a living wall.
How long do moss walls last?
About ten years.
Most moss walls usually last about ten years. Life can be extended to about 25 years if you're rigorous in maintenance and give it a protective spray every so often.
Are moss walls healthy?
Moss walls are a healthy choice as they help cleanse the air, reduce noise and add a natural design element to a space without adding clutter. A moss wall is created from preserved mosses; therefore they need very little care.
Do moss walls smell?
Real preserved moss walls have a woody-earthy scent. Fresh, out of the box moss walls can release a scent of nature for the first 1-2 weeks after installation. After this period the smell will fade. That is because although preserved, moss walls are natural plants not artificial.
Does Moss attract bugs?
No. Moss walls do not attract bugs. Insects are attracted to the moisture and soil in plants. Preserved moss walls do not have any kind of soil and they don't need any water.
Does Moss clean air?
Improved Air Quality

Moss is particularly good at combatting air pollution. The pollutants in the rain and the air cling to the surface of the moss, and while the pollutants are stuck there, bacteria convert them into the plant's biomass.
Here are some Projects Pictures:Custom Designed Moss Walls, Moss Logo & Art by Rishstudio
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 preserved moss wall, moss panels, moss art, moss wall uk,


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