Beauty & The Beast inspired enchanted rose in a glass dome

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Handmade Magical Enchanted Rose placed in a glass dome bell jar,

Beauty and the Beast" Red Rose Kit. Include A real touch Red Silk Rose, butterfly,moss and Some Fallen Petals, A Glass Dome, A Wooden Base.

Glass Dome: Height 22 cm, Diameter 15 cm. Thickness of Glass 0.3 cm. With Reliable Package.

Enchanted Rose that Lasts Forever in Glass Dome Inspired By Disney Beauty and the Beast.

This is a replica of the Enchanted Rose from Beauty and the Beast,perfect for valentine's day gift. The removable glass dome is placed atop a wooden base, encasing a single magical rose, moss and butterfly. The stem has a wire in it so you can bend it to your desired shape, and the petals have latex to make it feel realistic.
This gift is exactly what you need for Valentine's Day, Christmas, birthday, wedding, or anniversary.
Use this as wedding ring holder, this is a beautiful way to propose. So your love can use this ring baerer in all of her/his life with love.

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