Fairy Garden Kit with Glass Dome - Miniature Garden

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Make your own magical fairy world with our Fairy Houses, Miniature garden accessories including Fairy doors, Pixie dust and Fairy gifts.

This kit is fun for all ages! Create an adorable fairy garden in glass cloche dome. Makes a great desk top garden, or a fun nature inspired activity. Start a new, or add on to an already existing, fairy garden or indoor, gnome, miniature, desktop garden.

This is a beautiful terrarium made with preserved moss, so no soil or water needed. It's evergreen. The old wisdom tree reading a story book to fairies and other animals.
Truly unique gift for your little one.
Travel back to childhood, to a time when wishes came true and goodness conquered evil. Because you're never too old for fairy tales.

Domed Glass Cloche Top
Height 20.5cm, Diameter 12.5cm

The terrarium will comes as a kit. The kit comes with glass dome, wood base, real dried moss, fairy wisdom tree with owl, mini flowers, fairy and bunnies,a instruction card with pictures.

Each and EVERY terrarium, house, mushroom is handmade. Each one is unique, and will have it's own artistic differences.
If you have any color preferences, or would like to customize your terrarium please contact us, we would love to help!


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