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Preserved Rose, Beauty and the beast rose, Enchanted Rose, valentine gift

Preserved Rose, Beauty and the beast rose, Enchanted Rose, valentine gift

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Romance her this Valentine's Day or gift your mum on this mother's day or as a Christmas gift with a personalised touch she'll love, Beauty and the beast inspired enchanted rose in glass dome with personalised gift message. valentine’s gift / Mother's day/ father's day gift personalised.

This terrarium made with a rose which looks and feels like a freshly-plucked rose, with a silky-soft sheen and which lasts for more than a year!
Preserved roses are real roses that have been specially grown, harvested at their peak and then preserved to capture their beauty forever. The preservation process means that we can produce colours not possible with fresh roses and we offer a range of sizes in most colours.
This is the perfect gift for someone who loves flowers.
Each of our roses undergoes an intricate and eco-friendly process to preserve the quality and beauty of the petals which ensures it lives for so much longer than a fresh high street rose.

Glass Dome: Height 22 cm, Diameter 15 cm. Thickness of Glass 0.3 cm. With Reliable Package.

Enchanted Rose that Lasts Forever in Glass Dome Inspired By Disney Beauty and the Beast.

This is a replica of the Enchanted Rose from Beauty and the Beast,perfect for valentine's day gift. The removable glass dome is placed atop a base, encasing a single magical Everlasting rose, moss and butterfly.
This gift is exactly what you need for Valentine's Day, Christmas, birthday, wedding, or anniversary.

All preserved products are for interior use only

Products should not be used in area’s of high humidity (above 80%) & cold.

To prevent premature fading, do not place in direct sunlight.

Do not clean products with water, lightly dust them.

Avoid contact with fabrics or polished surfaces that could be stained.

These products are safe to be used by adults for display purposes only. They are not toys & should not be given to use as they may be a potential choking hazard.

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Let's get into the mossy details.


You won't find another source with such great quality products like us! Whether you have a small urban apartment or prefer something more luxurious - we have something perfect for every home's decor needs. Plus each product has been carefully tested for functionality and satisfaction guarantee - making them always reliable when in use.

The mosses used in our product lines reindeer moss, cushion / bun moss an forest moss are cleaned and preserved using a special process, cork bark, artificial succulents, artificial/preserved flower, butterflies, dry brunches.

Do not require water
Do not need fertilizing
Do not need sun
Are long lasting
Are maintenance free

Eco Friendly

RishStudio offers 100% eco-friendly products to appeal to conscious consumers who want their purchases to reflect the values they stand for. From furniture and jewelry, to home décor and clothing – there’s something for everyone. And it all comes without any harm done to the environment!


All of our products are 100% vegan and Leaping-Bunny certified cruelty-free. Our products are made in the UK with globally sourced ingredients. 100% recyclable packaging.


Preserved Moss, Preserved foliage, wood, barks,

The artwork purchased from RishStudio was excellent. The piece I ordered was beautiful and beyond expectations. I intend to purchase more from this artist.


  • Eco Friendly

    we provide 100% eco-friendly home décor items.

  • 100% recyclable packaging

    We only use reyclable materials.

  • Free Shipping

    Free shipping all over UK

  • Made in UK

    Everything is proudly made in England.

Add natural beauty to your interior today!

Did you know moss is often used in rooms with higher humidity, e.g. in bathrooms, because it has hygroscopic properties making it absorbs moisture and filter the air? That's why many brands today are choosing this style of reindeer moss logo to reflect their innovative identity and  support the use of natural materials

Bespoke Moss Wall

Indoor moss walls offer a stunning focal point for any space. Green design promotes biodiversity and can highlight your business’ commitment to the environment. Being so easy to maintain, a moss wall comes with additional benefits:

  • Moss walls  can make your business stand out from the crowd
  • Preserved moss requires no light or water and maintains its vivid colour
  • Versatile & natural material offers more design freedom
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Moss Logo

Moss logo creates a 3D effect even in a 2D layout. Not only can you customize this to fit your brand or identity, but you can even write your name or your business logo. Another important property of this moss is that the natural color of the different types of moss will remain bright green for many years . You can also combine your moss logo with preserved foliage, flowers and butterflies to get an innovative and absolutely refreshing and discrete green identity.

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Moss and Resin Art

Nothing invites you in to relax more than a living room with a coastal vibe. Create an easy-going beach vibe in your home with this beautiful original 3D painting.

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