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Transform your tree with handmade fillable baubles and hanging decorations to match your festive style this year. Make your own Christmas with These enchanted forever rose Baubles.

These Personalised Fillable Glass Baubles filled with preserved rose make the addition to add to you or a love ones Christmas Tree. The decorations make a great keepsake for any occasion whether you are recently engaged, married or welcomed a new baby into the world.


Size: 8cm,
Open Mouths Dia. Approx.4.5cm,
Shaped: Ball shaped
Color: Transparent
Material: Glass, Preserved Rose.

Preserved roses are real roses!
A rose that looks and feels like a freshly-plucked rose and yet can last a lot longer. Our preserved roses have a gorgeous natural beauty. These roses cannot be compared with dried, freeze-dried or silk roses. In order to preserve this product, an advanced technical process is used whereby the natural sap in real roses is replaced with a liquid mixture of glycerine, water and colouring. This results in a superb product which feels just like a freshly-plucked rose, looks completely natural but also last for much longer than a year!

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These products are safe to be used by adults for display purposes only. They are not toys & should not be given to use as they may be a potential choking hazard.

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