Wooden Hexagon lamp with Preserved Moss

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This unique wooden lamp with preserved moss and amethyst crystal cluster is perfect for an alternative living room or bed room and makes a striking centre piece!

This hexagon table lamp is perfect for adding character to any room. Their geometric honeycomb shape is pleasing to the eye and adds a beautiful touch of warmth to make your space feel cozy. Used alone, they make a great and simple feature. Each hexagon lamp is made from solid pine and finish in wax: walnut, rustic pine or tudor colour.


Hexagon: Height outside: 25.5 cm

Height inside: 22cm

Width: 29,5 cm

Deep: 9 cm

With Shade: Height: 55 cm

We use a special moss which has been sustainably harvested. It goes through a process of cleaning and preservation. It has a very natural look but requires no maintenance so no watering, soil or sunlight required and will never dry out or fade and its very happy indoors.

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