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We offer fully preserved natural moss wall art that combine aesthetics with high-level acoustic absorbance. Besides looking amazing and allowing a huge degree of creativity in Moss Walls specification, they also have acoustic properties that help reduce noise levels within offices, receptions, and other areas. Very much on trend currently, moss walls are a hugely popular product that we have installed all over the country in a huge variety of buildings. As our moss walls are preserved (not live), they don't require a watering system or sunlight to survive meaning they are perfect for interiors that do not get much natural light.

This one of a kind beautiful Moss Wall Art is made with preserved moss and wooden frame.

Size available : 91x61 CM/36x24 INCH, 75x55 CM/30x20 INCH,

For indoor use only. Keep out of direct sunlight. Bright indirect light is fine.

Full wall displays can be created using panels, then filling the welt with excess moss. Like the picture Here. That is created by joining multiple planes together. They will look seamless after hanging them.

The mosses used in our product lines reindeer moss, cushion / bun moss an forest moss are cleaned and preserved using a special process, cork bark, artificial succulents, artificial/preserved flower, butterflies, dry brunches.

Hanging hardware attached.

Do not require water
Do not need fertilizing
Do not need sun
Are long lasting
Are maintenance free

If there is something you’d like created, please feel free to share with us.
Custom size can be created. Price is determined by project size and quantity of moss.

Lead time: between 3-4 weeks
Shipments worldwide from UK with tracking number.

All of our moss is sustainably harvested from forests in Northern Europe by teams who take every care to ensure that they do not damage the environment. It is then preserved, packed, and shipped. All of our moss is a 100% natural product.

Moss wall art can be created with a number of different personalised touches whether that be a pattern, a logo or the colour of the moss. We can use different coloured moss to create a range of beautiful moss wall designs. Moss is maintenance free, durable and long lasting.

 For more preserved moss arts, visit my moss look book.

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