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Washed Linen Decorative Pillow | Spring cotton Cushion Covers | Rishstudio

Washed Linen Decorative Pillow | Spring cotton Cushion Covers | Rishstudio

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Scandinavian Style Cotton Linen Cushion Covers - Durable Stitches - Easy to Wash and Iron

Indulge in ultimate luxury with the World's softest pure linen pillowcase from Rishstudio, a favourite among thousands of satisfied buyers. Crafted from super softened European durable flax linen cotton with a stone-washed effect, this luxurious pure linen cotton pillow features an invisible zipper for a seamless look.

The excellent strength and durability of all materials and designs ensure long-lasting quality.

Made from 100% pure linen cotton, this pillowcase boasts particular qualities that set it apart.
Customisable to any size, this double-sided design offers versatility and style.
The Full Big & Little Carnival Collection showcases a vibrant selection of cushion covers with designs on both sides, sturdy zips, and overlocked seams for neatness and strength.
Constructed with New World Tapestry Fabric known for its thickness and durability, each pillow cover is made to withstand the test of time.
Add a touch of whimsy to any space. Though pattern placement may vary, each piece is made with attention to detail and quality craftsmanship. For easy maintenance, wash the cover on a gentle 30-degree cycle, avoiding tumble drying and opting for ironing while slightly damp. Created in a clean, smoke-free, and pet-free environment, each item is lovingly crafted for longevity.

Sent via Royal Mail, this Scandinavian-style linear stem cushion cover offers durability against disassembly with a range of options to choose from. The zipper complements the fabric colors perfectly for a cohesive look. Easily cared for, this cover is machine washable or can be dry cleaned for convenience. Plump and place this soft, floral cushion featuring a 100% cotton zip-off cover. With its natural, neutral look and reversible colorway, this cushion is a versatile addition to any space. A zip fastening ensures easy maintenance, while the machine-washable cover makes it a breeze to keep looking fresh. Elevate your decor with the timeless elegance and unbeatable comfort of this Cotton Linen Scandinavian Style cushion cover.

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Let's get into the mossy details.


You won't find another source with such great quality products like us! Whether you have a small urban apartment or prefer something more luxurious - we have something perfect for every home's decor needs. Plus each product has been carefully tested for functionality and satisfaction guarantee - making them always reliable when in use.

The mosses used in our product lines reindeer moss, cushion / bun moss an forest moss are cleaned and preserved using a special process, cork bark, artificial succulents, artificial/preserved flower, butterflies, dry brunches.

Do not require water
Do not need fertilizing
Do not need sun
Are long lasting
Are maintenance free

Eco Friendly

RishStudio offers 100% eco-friendly products to appeal to conscious consumers who want their purchases to reflect the values they stand for. From furniture and jewelry, to home décor and clothing – there’s something for everyone. And it all comes without any harm done to the environment!


All of our products are 100% vegan and Leaping-Bunny certified cruelty-free. Our products are made in the UK with globally sourced ingredients. 100% recyclable packaging.


Preserved Moss, Preserved foliage, wood, barks,

The artwork purchased from RishStudio was excellent. The piece I ordered was beautiful and beyond expectations. I intend to purchase more from this artist.


  • Eco Friendly

    we provide 100% eco-friendly home décor items.

  • 100% recyclable packaging

    We only use reyclable materials.

  • Free Shipping

    Free shipping all over UK

  • Made in UK

    Everything is proudly made in England.

Add natural beauty to your interior today!

Did you know moss is often used in rooms with higher humidity, e.g. in bathrooms, because it has hygroscopic properties making it absorbs moisture and filter the air? That's why many brands today are choosing this style of reindeer moss logo to reflect their innovative identity and  support the use of natural materials

Bespoke Moss Wall

Indoor moss walls offer a stunning focal point for any space. Green design promotes biodiversity and can highlight your business’ commitment to the environment. Being so easy to maintain, a moss wall comes with additional benefits:

  • Moss walls  can make your business stand out from the crowd
  • Preserved moss requires no light or water and maintains its vivid colour
  • Versatile & natural material offers more design freedom
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Moss Logo

Moss logo creates a 3D effect even in a 2D layout. Not only can you customize this to fit your brand or identity, but you can even write your name or your business logo. Another important property of this moss is that the natural color of the different types of moss will remain bright green for many years . You can also combine your moss logo with preserved foliage, flowers and butterflies to get an innovative and absolutely refreshing and discrete green identity.

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Moss and Resin Art

Nothing invites you in to relax more than a living room with a coastal vibe. Create an easy-going beach vibe in your home with this beautiful original 3D painting.

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