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Beautiful, unique natural, blue resin agate coasters with a hand-painted gold gilded finish around the edge.

These handmade coasters are made with resin and a blue pigment, with a sparkly iridescent centre. The edges have been painted with gold which I think makes them really stand out. This design is a shimmery blue with a hint of gold and a slightly clear centre to make them transparent. The middle is filled with a mix of tiny white iridescent flakes and gold flakes. 

For a fresh, beautiful way of keeping condensation and heat from ruining your tables, look to this coaster. It's handmade with resin.

lightweight and waterproof!

Perfect for a home ornament, bedroom accessory or to present as a gift.

Dimensions: each shape measures approx 130mm x 90mm x 7mm depth.

Weight: 100g per coaster

A tonal colour palette of teal and white hues enhances the allure of the piece.

Please note that every item will be hand pour so there will be a chance of very little difference between each one with the photos display here.

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