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Please Note that all of my artworks and other products are entirely HANDMADE and MADE TO ORDER. My processing time is 3-4 weeks.

Create an urban jungle within your home, with our curated range of moss panels. Hang as a singular piece of art or create a large feature wall, circular Living wall art.

Moss walls are suitable for almost all indoor environments, to create a high impact, low maintenance statement. They are also environmentally friendly and will improve the acoustic properties of your space. Preserved Moss and artificial succulents wall Art is made using a moss that has been grown, harvested & preserved using a combination of natural ingredients. It needs no light or water as it is no longer a living item but will not wilt or die. Preserved Moss can only be used for interior use and should be kept away from direct sunlight.
Create an urban jungle within your home, with our curated range of moss panels. Hang as a singular piece of art or create a large feature wall, circular Living wall art.

Full wall displays can be created using panels, then filling the welt with excess moss. Like the picture Here. That is created by joining multiple planes together. They will look seamless after hanging them.
The mosses used in our product lines reindeer moss, cushion / bun moss an forest moss are cleaned and preserved using a special process, cork bark, artificial succulents, artificial/preserved flower, butterflies, dry brunches.

diameter: 60 CM and 40 CM

Hanging hardware attached.

Do not require water
Do not need fertilizing
Do not need sun
Are long lasting
Are maintenance free

If there is something you’d like created, please feel free to share with us.
Custom size can be created. Price is determined by project size and quantity of moss.

Made To Order: After your order I will start making it, I always send pictures before shipping so if you want you can change anything.

Lead time: between 3-4 weeks
Shipments worldwide from UK with tracking number.

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Q. Are moss walls alive like living walls?
A. Our moss walls are not living walls with plants. Its 's made with preseerved moss, the moss was once a living, growing plant which has been carefully preserved to create the beautiful textured panels we use to create a moss wall. It will mot grow but look and feel like living moss.

Q. Do moss walls need to be watered?
A. No, no need of water or soil.

Q. Do moss walls need light?
A. No. Keep away from direct sunlight as sunlight will fade them. They are ideal for dark spaces. You can put decorative lighting on them to add drama.

Q. Can I hang my Moss Wall outside?
A. All of our moss panels are made for indoor display only. Direct sunlight, high humidity will compromise their look and lifespan. Indirect light is perfectly fine. Direct sunlight is not recommended and will shorten the lifespan of Moss wall art as well as change its vibrant looks.

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Not sure about the quality! No worries, You can order a SAMPLE MOSS ART.

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